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This article was written on 22 Feb 2012, and is filled under Blog Home, Insights.

Weirdest stories of 2012 (so far)

I love odd spot stories – those quirky water-cooler tales and pictures that are short, sharp and usually produce at least a quiet snort of amusement.

Myer and the giant grammar gaffe Source:

Myer and the giant grammar gaffe Source:

And since The Wall is based on a real-time view of what Aussies are saying on social media networks, it’s not surprising that many of our most popular stories are exactly these types of offbeat topics.

The following 10 stories are the most-clicked quirky topics so far this year, based on our internal traffic data. (I’ve selected the stories from our most-read list based on a somewhat subjective measure of each topic’s ”Hey, Martha” level).

A good quirky story is hard to define but they often have a startling picture (the Myer typo story), an almost unbelievable story (surviving a bungee jump fall) or something that may be a little too edgy for the major news organisations to cover (rude Japanese sale signs).

What they all have in common is that X factor that made me want to share them as soon as I saw them.

1. It’s ok Myer, It’s only a 7 storey poster, checking it probably isn’t important

2. The best JB-HIFI staff review I have seen

3. LOL! Tintin in Penrith

4. They sell Reece Mastin shirts at Supre. I was going to think of an insult, but I think that’s insulting enough.

5. When barista art goes too far. I had no words at the time – wishing I pointed out that I’d ordered a FLAT white

6. Australian survives terrifying fall after bungee snaps

7. Can you afford a (fake) Louis Vuitton condom?

8. Lambassador Sam Kekovich changes tune

9. Holy Darth Sidious, the Death Star has entered our solar system!

10. It’s no ordinary sale. It’s a FUCKIN’ SALE!

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