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This article was written on 15 Mar 2012, and is filled under Blog Home.

The Wall launches five new specialist sites

We’ve launched five new specialist Wall sites overnight and tweaked our page design make sure each topic only brings you the very best tweets, links and media.

Each new Wall will feature a unique mix of the most popular Tweets, videos, pictures and story links sourced from social media in real-time.

As you’ll quickly discover, they will also feature the kind of razor sharp parody, analysis and withering analysis that can only be delivered in 140 characters.


Our GOP site will focus on the unfolding Republican nomination battle in the US as the Grand Old Party decides on a presidential candidate for the upcoming election battle.

For the sports fans we have a dedicated NBA site and a UK Football site. The NBA Wall will focus on what Americans are saying about games and their favourite teams and players.


The UK Football site will focus on the banter Brits are having about the beautiful game across the UK and Europe.


Our final two verticals are an acknowledgement that it is really teenagers that are in charge of the internet.

We have one site dedicated the singer Justin Bieber and another Wall dedicated to boy band One Direction. The types of stories that get into these sites are…an education.


And if you’re not quite sure why we would bother with One Direction, read yesterday’s blog post, “Directioners overtake Beliebers“, to learn about which were the most popular Twitter accounts in Australia for the past week. Or ask the nearest teenager to explain it all.


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