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This article was written on 03 May 2012, and is filled under Blog Home.

One page design to rule them all

Our lead designer, Paul Alexander, has rolled out a single, enhanced layout across our suite of sites aimed at displaying the content of each story in the most beautiful way possible.

The changes come after two months of Paul testing a variety of front page and topic page layouts across our country and vertical sites.

On the new front page, Paul has removed some noisy page “furniture”, such as the sites follower count, and replaced the category ribbon with a time-stamp ribbon.

He’s kept his dynamic design that makes the tile of a popular story bigger than a less popular story and the flame symbol to indicate a hot story.

The aim is to make it even quicker for readers to scan a page and know the freshness and popularity of a story.


On the story page, Paul has moved all the tweets, links and media into one column and placed all the other page “furniture” into a right-hand column.

The new stripped-down approach makes it easier to scan the top elements for each topic.

The main column has a “Show more/Hide” button for each type of media so that readers can explore the full list of tweets, links, video and pictures for each story.

The “furniture” in the left-hand column includes the site’s follower count, common Facebook friends, related links and most popular links.

And, yes, the page now has some some ads as well.

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