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This article was written on 27 Feb 2012, and is filled under Blog Home, Insights.

Gillard defeats Rudd: Coorey first with the tweet

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Phillip Coorey was the first to tweet the results of this morning’s leadership ballot with a 10:48am message announcing Prime Minister Julia Gillard had won in a landslide against Kevin Rudd.

Cooery had the numbers slightly wrong – he issued an apology and correction at 11:19am – but it is fitting that his message was also the most popular post-ballot tweet of the day with 328 retweets.

His speed meant that for several minutes other news outlets reported solely on his tweet until their own reporters could confirm the results. The ballot meeting began at 10am with a result expected by 10:45am. Official confirmation of Gillard’s thumping victory did not come until 11.17am.

The next most popular post-ballot tweets were news alerts about Gillard’s victory from@BBCBreaking and @BreakingNews, according to data compiled by social media news site The Wall.

Making up the top 10 tweets was a message of despair about the Labor party’s choice from@mariekehardy, a very political question from @aaronmagner and a selection of gags from the usual suspects.

My favourite joke was by @TheNTNews, a tweet account that has quickly mastered the use of capital letters and satire.

The low retweet count compared with the tweets around Rudd’s surprise resignation may be due to the deluge of tweets that came in after Coorey’s initial message – and the fact everyone knew the result was coming.

Note: Data is for most retweeted tweets is from midnight until 3.30pm today. Collated byJohn Barratt.

Top 10 post-ballot tweets:

1. 328 retweets

Gillard wins 73 29—
Phillip Coorey (@PhillipCoorey) February 26, 2012

2. 117 retweets

#Australia PM Julia Gillard beats Kevin Rudd in leadership ballot of ruling Labor Party – reports
BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) February 27, 2012

3. 91 retweets

Australia PM Gillard survives Labor Party leadership challenge with 73-29 win over challenger Rudd – @smh
Breaking News (@BreakingNews) February 26, 2012

4. 61 retweets

So Labor would rather put forward an election-losing candidate than rise to the greater good. I give up. BOB BROWN FOR PRESIDENT.—
Marieke Hardy (@mariekehardy) February 27, 2012

5. 35 retweets

Gillard wins. Rudd expected to announce his intention to run for a place on Dancing With The Stars.—
PETER HELLIAR (@pjhelliar) February 27, 2012

6. 24 retweets

Apparently they are recounting the 75/29 Gillard result. A miss count of only 25 will give KRudd the result!—
Dave Hughes (@DHughesy) February 27, 2012

7. 23 retweets

Fun fact: Wayne Swan is now one of the faceless men (I ripped his face off)!—
Kevin Rudd (@KevinRuddExPM) February 27, 2012

8. 21 retweets

Note: Abbott 42, Turnbull 41 vis-a-vis Gillard 73, Rudd 29. Who’s more divided? #auspol #respill
(@aaronmagner) February 26, 2012

9. 20 retweets

The NT News (@TheNTNews) February 27, 2012

10. 18 retweets (The correction from Coorey)

Gillard wins 71 31 confirmed. Sorry got it wrong—
Phillip Coorey (@PhillipCoorey) February 27, 2012

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