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This article was written on 27 Feb 2012, and is filled under Blog Home, Insights.

20 most popular Julia Gillard vs Kevin Rudd tweets

No matter what happens in this morning’s ballot over the leadership of the Labor party and the country, it’s clear that Kevin Rudd decisively won last week’s “vote” of popularity on Twitter.

Rudd featured three times in the top 20 most popular tweets about Labor’s leadership’s crisis, with a message about his resignation as foreign minister coming in at number one.

Some tweeps are clearly not taking this leadership battle seriously Source: @absolut_todd

Some tweeps are clearly not taking this leadership battle seriously Source: @absolut_todd

Rudd’s resignation message was retweeted more than 1000 times, according to data compiled by social news site The Wall.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard came in 7th, with a tweet announcing this morning’s ballot. That tweet garnered more than 400 retweets.

The remainder of the most retweeted Gillard vs Rudd messages from the last week were representative of a typical Twitter conversation: a mix of jokes, breaking news, insights and more jokes.

Only the hater tweets were missing, but those sort of messages are not usually retweeted as frequently.

My favourite is a gag from ABC reporter Annabel Crabb from two days before Rudd declared open warfare by resigning his post: “You have to admire Kevin Rudd’s attention to detail. Continuing a Mexican standoff, actually IN MEXICO … respect.”

Rudd also beat Gillard in mentions of his name and his Twitter account.

The keyword “Rudd” was used almost twice as much as “Gillard” by tweeps around the country.

Australia tweeters also mentioned Rudd’s twitter account, “@kruddmp“, almost three times as much as Gillard’s account “@juliagillard“.

The most popular Twitter hashtags of the week were “#auspol“, ”#respill“ and “#kevenge“.

While aa short-lived battle over a hashtag for the leadership tussle was decisively won by “#respill” by a factor of almost three to one.

Note: Data is for top tweets is from Saturday, 18th February to 11am Friday, 24th February and collated by The Wall data ninja John Barratt.

20 most popular leadership battle tweets

1. 1072 retweets

My resignation speech is here… – thanks to everyone in the twitterverse for your kind words. Much appreciated. KRudd—
Kevin Rudd (@KRuddMP) February 22, 2012

2. 876 retweets

Bit bored of Julia Gillard now. Might ask Dannii Minogue to form a new Government in Australia.—
Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK) February 20, 2012

3. 508 retweets

Blimey, Kevin Rudd, how many times can the same man leave the Australian Government? Someone get Rolf Harris on the phone.—
Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK) February 22, 2012

4. 485 retweets

You’d better sort out your Government before one has you dissolved, Ms Gillard. You picking up what one’s putting down moonbeam?—
Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK) February 23, 2012

5. 443 retweets

We are proud to announce that Kevin Rudd will be hosting rage every Saturday for the foreseeable future. Excessive swearing is encouraged.—
rage (@rageabc) February 22, 2012

6. 438 retweets

Kevin Rudd resigns as Foreign Minister #breaking
ABC News (@abcnews) February 22, 2012

7. 427 retweets

At 10:00AM on Monday a ballot will be called & I will re-nominate for the Labor leadership. I want this issue brought to an end. JG—
Julia Gillard (@JuliaGillard) February 22, 2012

8. 379 retweets

You have to admire Kevin Rudd’s attention to detail. Continuing a Mexican standoff, actually IN MEXICO … respect.—
Annabel Crabb (@annabelcrabb) February 19, 2012

9. 335 retweets

Heading back home to Brissie. Not exactly the visit I had planned to Washington! A big thank you for all the support. KRudd—
Kevin Rudd (@KRuddMP) February 22, 2012

10. 333 retweets

I think we can all agree that Kevin Rudd made the best short film today.#Tropfest
Tom Ballard (@TomCBallard) February 19, 2012

11. 325 retweets

Kevin Rudd resigns !!! And there’s one vacant spot left on Dancing with the Stars. How convenient … #justsaying
Larry Emdur (@larryemdur) February 22, 2012

12. 316 retweets

BREAKING – Senior Labor source tells me Prime Minister Julia Gillard will call a leadership ballot for Monday. #respill
Latika Bourke (@latikambourke) February 22, 2012

13. 304 retweets

All Labor needs is 2 cases of beer and a belly dancer and it will be the wildest show in town, actually don’t worry about the belly dancer—
Barnaby Joyce (@Barnaby_Joyce) February 22, 2012

14. 273 retweets

Rudd/Gillard really does remind me of two pilots arguing over who gets to hold the wheel while the plane crashes into the mountain…—
Wil Anderson (@Wil_Anderson) February 20, 2012

15. 267 retweets

Spent time today outlining 5 big policy priorities for the future. Have a read, tell me what you think… KRudd—
Kevin Rudd (@KRuddMP) February 23, 2012

16. 263 retweets

I am confused. Has Kevin Rudd resigned from all politics, or just the one-dayers?—
Phil Branagan (@philbranagan) February 22, 2012

17. 236 retweets

Rudd-Gillard debacle sign of Australia’s privilege: countries don’t allow themselves such diversions unless things are going v well.—
Alain de Botton (@alaindebotton) February 23, 2012

(de Botton has since deleted this tweet)

18. 234 retweets

Tony Abbott is the Steven Bradbury of politics. Just waiting for Gillard and Rudd to knock each other over so he can become PM. #respill
Mia Freedman (@MiaFreedman) February 22, 2012

19. 171 retweets

If Rudd has a sense of humor he’ll resign from the ALP, join the Libs, and depose Tony Abbott in time for the next election. #ruddvenge
Mark Newton (@NewtonMark) February 22, 2012

20. 162 retweets

#spillodds #gillard $2.25 #rudd $3.50 wayne swan $8.50 ricky ponting $15 bert newton $101 black caviar $1.10 (favourite)—
lehmo (@lehmo23) February 22, 2012

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